Schwab Eliminates Online Commissions

Updated: Nov 9

Bernie Clark, recently announced that the firm will eliminate online commissions, reinforcing the firm's dedication to clients.

Portrait photo of Bernie Clark, Executive Vice President Head of Advisor Services at Charles Schwab Corp.

"As you may have seen, effective October 7, 2019 we are lowering online commissions for U.S. stocks, ETFs and options to zero in connection with the release of Chuck Schwab’s new book “Invested.” This is a bold move, and it is the right move for clients. This is also a great reminder of the values we all share, and representative of the principles in which Chuck founded our firm. I hope you share in our excitement in bringing Chuck’s long-time vision to reality—making investing accessible to all. Today is a historic day for our firm and for the industry, but most importantly it is a historic day for investors everywhere".

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