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Forms ADV and ADV 2A:
For complete information regarding Brixton Capital Wealth Advisors’ services, fees charged and other important disclosures, please see our Form ADV Part 2A Disclosure Brochure, which can be obtained by calling 516-222-5300 or 860-322-6766 or at adviserinfo.sec.gov. For additional information about Brixton Capital Wealth Advisors, including fees and services provided, please contact us or refer to the Investment Adviser Public Disclosure website. Please read the disclosure statement carefully before you invest or send money. To read our Form ADV, please click the following links: Brixton Capital Wealth Advisors ADV and ADV Part 2A brochure.

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SmartVestor Compensation and Conflict of Interest Details
SmartVestor™ is an advertising and referral service for investment professionals operated by The Lampo Group, LLC d/b/a Ramsey Solutions (“RS”). When you provide your contact information through the SmartVestor™ site, RS will introduce you to up to five (5) investment professionals (“Pros”) that are in your geographic area, including Brixton Captial Wealth Advisors (“Adviser”). Adviser has entered into an agreement with RS under which Adviser pays RS a flat monthly membership fee of $249, and a flat monthly advertising fee of $1,800 to advertise Adviser’s services through SmartVestor™ and to receive client referrals from interested consumers who are located in Adviser’s geographic region. The fees paid by Adviser to RS are paid irrespective of whether you become a client of Adviser, and are not passed along to you. However, you should understand that all of the Pros that are available through SmartVestor™ pay RS fees to participate in the program. Further, the amount of compensation each Pro pays to RS will vary based on certain factors, including whether the Pros choose to advertise in local or national markets. Although RS attempts to match you with a Pro based on objective factors, it may have a financial incentive to endorse and promote Pros that pay higher fees. Adviser has completed Ramsey Pro Training and signed a Code of Conduct under which it has agreed to certain general investment principles, such as eliminating debt and investing for the longer-term, but RS does not monitor or control the investment advisory services Adviser provides. It is up to you to interview Adviser and decide whether you want to hire them. If you decide to hire Adviser, you will enter into an agreement directly with Adviser to provide you with investment advisory services. RS is not affiliated with Adviser and neither RS nor any of its representatives are authorized to provide investment advice on behalf of Adviser or to act for or bind Adviser. No investment advisory agreement with Adviser will become effective until accepted by Adviser. RS does not warrant any services of Adviser or any SmartVestor™ Pro and makes no claim or promise of any result or success by retaining Adviser. Your use of SmartVestor™, including the decision to retain the services of Adviser, is at your sole discretion and risk.

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